Little Mischief

Little Master Mischief

Lives in Nellie's eye,

Sitting in the corner,

Peeping out so sly;

Now he's crossed the snow-ground

And in chamber blue,

Thinking he is hidden,

Peek-a-boos at you.

Now he drops the curtain,

Sure that he is hid,

But you see him dancing

Even on the lid.

Now, the curtains li

You can see he's crept

To the inner chamber,

Where the love-light slept.

Watching now his moment

He pops out, and see,

Mamma's spools and thimble

Quickly disagree.

Shall we punish Mischief?

Better teach the child

How to hold and lead him,

Running now so wild.

Would she like her playthings

Scattered here and there,

When she had arranged them?

Would she think it fair?

Would she like her puzzle

Portions of it, lost?

Would she like her dishes

Everywhere uptossed?

Would she like her apron

With a missing string,

Mamma hunting, meanwhile,

Thread and everything?

Nellie, learn the lesson:

Be to others true,

Always do as you would

Have them do to you.

This the dear Lord's precept,--

This the Golden Rule,--

This the highest lesson

In our Nellie's school.

* * * * *

Be gentle and loving,

Be kind and polite;

Be thoughtful for others,

Be sure and do right.