AFROMAN - Freak On With You

[Verse 1]
Walking down the street with a gangsta limp
Hoes on the corner like a O.G. pimp
Feelin real good cuz I'm drunk and high
Throwin up the hood as the cars go by
The light turned green and I started to bail
Across the street, drunk as hell
Seen a fine girl at the red light
Her face her hair her car was tight
The light turned green and she had to go
The bitch pulled over at the liquor sto'
She got out the car and walked aro
And there I was, posted 'cuz
She looked at the Khakis hangin off my ass
She put her head down and tried to pass real fast
But on the way back out, before she left
I asked her with Colt 45 on my breath

Can I get my freak on with you? (come here baby)
Smoke some weed and drink some brew (I love ya body)
Can I get my freak on with you? (yeah)
Smoke some weed and drink some brew (oww)

[Verse 2]
When I heard Too Short "The Freaky Tales"
I was still a virgin, I was mad as hell
Had nothin to lose, everythang to prove
Tryin to fuck every duck that moved
Hangin at the swapmeet, drunk and high
Flirtin with the hoodrats walkin by
Sometimes I got dissed, sometimes I got laid
Sometimes I got ganked, sometimes I got paid
High school parties in East Palmdale
Dancin with a female lookin bomb as hell
With a booty up against me make me feel real good
Plus her hands between my legs rubbin on my wood
My dick Johnny Cochran gets real hard
And all of a sudden, I want the broad
High on weed, drunk on beer
That's when I whispered in her ear


[Verse 3]
Redheads, blond hoes, Puerto Ricans and chicanos
Oriental girls not mention black
Back to back, stacked like a six-pack
Panties droppin, bra unstrappin
Like Mariah Carey I'ma +Make It Happen+
Whoo whoo (whoo whoo), ride hoes like my Coupe
I'm 30 years old in 2004
I got a wife and I don't fuck around no more
Ay, remember Joby, well Joby's a giant
And bitches wanna do me like I'm Kobe Bryant
Too many skeezers, too many diseases
Now I'm in the Bible tryna be like Jesus
I used to be a gigalo back in the day
I remember when I used to say

[Chorus: 2x]