The expression Musical Forms is often used, somewhat carelessly and

erroneously, with reference to Styles or Species of composition,

instead of to the structural design upon which the music is based. The

Barcarolle, Mazurka, ?tude, Anthem, and so forth, are styles

of composition, and not necessarily identified with any of the

structural designs we have been examining. Read, again, our

FOREWORD. The general conditions which enter into the distinctions of

style are enumerated in my Homophonic Forms, paragraph 97, which

the student is earnestly advised to read. As to the manifold styles

themselves, with which the present book is not directly concerned, the

student is referred to Ernst Pauer's Musical Forms, and to the music

dictionaries of Grove, Baker, Riemann, and other standard writers,

where a description of each style or species of composition may be