Exact Repetitions

When Part I,--or Parts II and III together,--are to

be repeated without any changes, it is customary to employ the familiar

repetition-marks (double-bar and dots); with first and second ending,

if, for any reason, some modification of the cadence-measure is

required. This is illustrated in the 7th Song Without Words; Part I is

repeated alone, and Parts II and III together; both repetitions are

indicated by the customary signs, and each has a double ending. See

also, Schumann, op. 68, No. 1; Part I is repeated exactly, with

repetition-marks; Parts II and III are also repeated literally (all but

the very last tone in the lower part), but written out,--apparently

without necessity. Also No. 2; the literal repetition of Part I is

written out; Parts II and III have the repetition-marks.