Heart And Intellect

Let not the heart be the ruling power all the time. If it is, art sinks

into sentimentality. Allow the head to rule alternately with the heart.

Intellect must be applied if any satisfying musical result is to be

obtained. Emotion is good, but it needs curbing, shaping and

restraining. Emotion, long sustained and unbridled, becomes nauseating.

Emotion in itself is beautiful, but like fire and water, if it once

becomes the master, wastes and destroys. Emotion, aroused by imagination

and directed by intelligence, serves to give taste to all musical

rendition. One without heart is non-satisfying as a singer. Be he ever

so intellectual, his singing is cold. Intellect alone, unaided by heart,

is like polished steel--cold, brilliant and dazzling. Intellect and

heart combined are like the same surface engraved and enamelled in

artistic design--chaste, delicate and finished.