Reputation Comes Slowly

Reputation which will last comes only by slow degrees. Man may spring

into notoriety at a bound because of some fortuitous circumstance and he

may hold the prominence which he gains by his strength of manhood, but

the cases of this kind are rare. It is by "pegging away" at something

which one knows to be good until by the merit of the "something" and the

worth of the labor put into it, attracts the attention of a few judges
r /> of its worth, that a reputation is begun. It is begun then, only. Some

more of the same work must follow but those who have seen the worth now

assist in thought as well as in word and the circle which appreciates

the worth grows. When good reputation has begun nothing can stop its

growth except some unwise or unmanly act of the person himself. For this

reason no man need strive after reputation. Do well what is good and the

result will take care of itself. The reputation will not come because of

striving. It will come to any man who is doing good work and living a

right life. It takes time to make the lasting reputation and that

impatience which so often influences Americans, prevents the growth of

many a reputation.